Lash Enhancements

Full Lash set... $120.00

Partial Lash set ... $95.00


Mini (1 hr)... $29.00

Regular *reccomended*

(1hr.5)... $39.00

mega... $49.00

Lash Lift...$50.00

Semi-Permanent Mascara...$45.00

Lash tint...25.00 ($15.00 when added to a lift service)

Brow tint ... $25.00 ($15 when added to lash service)

Important pre and post Lash Lift/Semi-permanent mascara information.


Please assure you have enough time set aside for your appointment. Full set of Extentions take approx. 2 hours Lash Lifts with Tint take approx. 1.15 hrs

Show up to your appointment with No eye make up on and CLEAN lashes

Please wear your glasses. contacts can NOT be worn for your appointment.

There are a few reasons why a lash service may be unsuitable for you. Contraindications will be considered before your service, and your service will only be carried out if you have a note by your GP.

I recommend patch tests 24 hours before your service.

I also reccomend you purchase a Lash Shampoo (avaliable here) to keep your investment at it's best.

Important information about your investment

Your lashes can last up to 8 weeks; the longevity of your lashes depends growth cycle when lashes are applied, as well as lifestyle and care.

All of your hair goes through a life cycle. As natural lashes shed, your extensions will fall with the lash they are attached to. you lose 3-7 lashes per day.

Along with regular fills, Here is how you will maintain your enhancements.

Follow this link to the Maintinace Page for information on how to care for your investment.

Lash Investment