Late Arrival/Cancelation policy

Recently, late arrivals have become a more frequent occurrence. As a result I have had to adopt a Late Arrival/Cancelation policy.

Arrival 10 mins after scheduled appointment time will incur a late arrival fee of $10.00. After 15 mins a late arrival fee up to $15.00 will be charged. I also reserve to the right to re-book your appointment.

Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if your appointment needs to be re-scheduled or canceled. Cancelations that occur within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time will incur a 50% of booked service cancelation fee.

While I understand sometimes emergencies do come up, clients with more than 3 last minute cancelations (within 24 hours of appointment time) within 12 months time will be required to pay a non-refundable booking deposit before any service will be completed.

My studio and appointment times are based on Satellite time. That is the time typically displayed on cell phones and laptop computers.

While I try to run on time, late arriving clients push back the starting time of my next client and cuts into our family time.

I am sure everyone understands and respects that everyones time is as important as your own.

Remember, when your appointment is booked, it is done with your consent and approval.